Let’s try a new snake game called unblocked! game has become a premise to generate many snake games, and now you can check out this free game online in your browser. Your slithering ability will be truly tested. As a snake, you must roam a huge map finding many foods to eat to grow your body. The foods can be naturally generated, or can be picked from the dead players. If you eat them from the dead ones, your size will get larger faster. After reaching a good size, it’s time for you to go hunt. You can destroy the enemy snakes by encircling around them or by cutting them off using your speed boost. During the course of the adventure, ensure that you always protect the head of your snake, otherwise, the game will be over. You will succeed if you get into the top 1 on the leaderboard in game!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to move your snake around the map and accelerate it by using the left mouse button. Comments