About YoHoHo.io

Yohoho.io unblocked is a good pirate game where everybody has to dress up as cunning pirates trying to fight one another on the islands for the ultimate dominance. Yohoho io game is totally free to play in browsers, so make sure you check it out and play it for a lot of fun. As a pirate, you will roam the islands carefully with your ship, but you will meet a lot of enemies on your way. Try your best to eliminate all of them to grow in size, and gradually, you will become a stronger pirate. In Yohoho game, you are also armed with an amazing dashing ability that speeds up your pirate. Use it to your advantage to defeat your rivals! Besides this ability, you can also gather some gold coins on the map to upgrade yourself too. Make sure you stay away from the danger zone! If you fall into it, you will suck damage, causing the game to be over very easily. Do whatever it takes to stay alive and see if you become the best pirate on the islands!

How to Play:

Direct the movement of your pirate using the arrow keys, WASD or mouse. Click left mouse or press the spacebar to attack. Hold it to charge an attack.

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