About Worm.is

If you like to play Snake games, you must check out a game title called Worm.is unblocked which is pretty much inspired by the famous Slither.io game. Worm.is online is all about killing the other enemy worms in a huge arena for the victory and the dominance on the leaderboard. But killing them is not easy when you are still a short worm. Therefore, you have to make yourself longer by eating a lot of generated small objects dispersed on the ground or even the essence of the dead players if you can. By eating them, your size will be increased. After that, you can get ready for some hunting. Make sure you pay attention to every move you make because if there is a certain worm that is smarter and more cunning than you, he/she will be able to destroy you. It’s very important to protect yourself even while you are on the hunt. The longer you survive, the higher the rank you can reach on the leaderboard. There are many daily quests for you to complete to gain more rewards in Worm.is game! Play it now!

How to Play:

Move your worm around the map using the mouse, click the left mouse or key W to fire mass, the right mouse or spacebar to dash forward and key F to use an item.

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