About Waterguns.io

Waterguns.io is an amusing 3D multiplayer shooter game with a simple mechanism. Meet up with lots of strange blocky characters that are inspired by Minecraft and take part in a crazy beach arena. In which, you should soak as many rivals as possible. Not only that, you need to complete that job quickly or they will do the same for you and eliminate you in an instant. Once you attack and drain their health, you can earn higher ranks and reach the top spot sooner. Do not ignore dodging every incoming shot for survival! Aside from that, you can choose to turn on the shield which will prevent the opponent’s assault effectively. Staying alive and collecting the most kills will be important elements to help you become the ultimate water gun soldier. Are you willing to practice your shooting skill and win? Let’s hop into the map and enjoy your way!

How to Play:

Use Arrows or WASD to move, LMB to shoot, RMB to control the shield.

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