Much like other io games, online is also a free multiplayer for all to come and play in the same arena. This is going to be a new chance for you to come across new opponents and challenge them to various matches. game is all about fighting one another for arena domination. Pick a character first then jump into the chaos then battle it out now! Once you have spawned in the map, you must go through it carefully using your weapons to shoot down all enemies in sight. Killing them must be done fast, otherwise, you will get shot, causing the game to be reset. Besides using weapons, remember to use your strategies and tactics too. They will help you outsmart your rivals as well as take on tough players easily. Everybody is always looking for a chance to win, and so are you. Join unblocked now then see if you can rule the leaderboard!

How to Play:

Control the movement of your character using WASD, use the spacebar to jump, shoot with the mouse, reload your weapon using key R, use key F to spray, and change the weapons using keys Q/E or the mouse wheel scroll. Comments