Spin against multiple enemies from around the world in game unblocked now! You can play free online anytime you want in your browser. Much like popular games, such as and, you will have to take control of your fidget spinner around the map trying to gather as many glowing gems as possible. By collecting them, the size and speed of your fidget spinner will be boosted, which gives you more strength to win. When you come across enemies, you should quickly collide with them to kill them. The winner will be the one who is faster than the rest one. Therefore, if you are late, you will end up getting destroyed, and your enemy will take your gems. Do not let it happen! Make sure you always act fast and defend your fidget spinner until you can top the leaderboard. Try free online now!

How to Play:

Move your fidget spinner around the map using the mouse, and click the left mouse button to speed up. Comments