About is as known as Shell Shockers the game. It is free for all people to play or set up a private room of their own! Enter the mode that you like most or you can invite friends to join together with you without difficulty. The objective that you should accomplish when you engage in is to become the egg killer who survives the longest. is a nice 3D shooting title unblocked at school. It is easy to experience and exciting to discover everything in the new match. There are many different weapons to choose from before you jump into the combat of online. Just select whichever that fits your fighting style! However, they must be reloaded. Therefore, you have to roam around the map to search for ammo. You can loot fallen opponents. Remember to restore your health in a secret place and throw grenades properly! It is feasible to take advantage of containers. Good luck!

How to Play:

Utilize W/A/S/D keys to roam, Left mouse to shoot, E to change weapons, R to reload, Q to throw a grenade Comments