About is an awesome 2D shooting Io game coming with an interesting fast-paced gameplay. Pick out the room that you want and embark on completing the favorite mode. You are able to choose to capture the flag or collect enough the required number of kills to win the deathmatch. You will start off with a Ninja and you should act wisely to keep living until you dominate the top spot. Aside from abilities or tricks and special moves that a warrior needs, you are also recommended to master a range of weapons from grenades to RPG rockets and projectiles. You can apply the laws of physics to your advantage. Besides, do not forget to look for objects or barriers that can cover your body. However, these items can be destroyed by the shockwave or explosions. If you aim for the head successfully, you can eliminate your targets in the short time. Good luck!

How to Play:

Press WASD or Arrows to walk and jump, RMB to fly, LMB to fire, Q to swap weapons, E to throw grenades, X to prone. Comments