About gulch-io

Play a cool Diep style 2D shooting game unblocked at school and become the top character by being the last standing man at the end of each wave! After choosing the nearest region and the mode that you like most, you are able to drop into a strange land. In which, you need to master control keys as soon as possible. It is essential for you to dodge or launch fists at the rival before he does the same for you! Once you survive in online, you will have more chances to conquer the leaderboard. Aside from using punches in the coming combat, you should search for good weapons and supplies. They will help you earn a higher rank, remove more competitors, and unlock the next stage. Remember to reload your guns! Additionally, you are also recommended to check your own inventory where you can craft for free with available materials. Have much fun!

How to Play:

Strike W-A-S-D or arrow keys to roam, LMB to punch or shoot, RMB to enter houses, F to collect objects, I to open inventory, M to view the map, Enter to chat

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