About is a brand new io game unblocked at school and kids can play without difficulty. It is suitable for all ages to enjoy with no ads. Hop into a free multiplayer match and show your skills to destroy as many rivals as possible. Your score will be increased and you will quickly occupy the top spot.

Wield a sword at the start of online by Clown Games you should learn how to use your weapons and slash the target found on the path! Aside from that, you are able to choose to evade the conflict and focus on collecting colorful blobs scattered across the map of in order to make your tool grow longer. Not only that, you are allowed to turn on the dash ability whenever you want to run away from stronger opponents who set traps to capture you. It is also effective to chase someone, especially those who own the highest points. However, you are recommended to activate it sparingly.

How to Play:

Use the mouse cursor to move your player, Space or LMB to slash, W or RMB to run away Comments