Are there any fans of Bomberman games out there? You’d better hurry to check out unblocked – an io game with Bomberman gameplay mechanics in your browser to experience fascinating challenges. free online drops you in a map where you face off against enemies and ghosts. To eliminate them all, you must make your way through the map planting bombs near their locations or even use your strategies to trap them with your bombs so they cannot escape and will get blown up after that. Make sure you dodge their bombs or even your own ones too, otherwise, you will get exploded, which causes the game to be over. It will be hard for you to outsmart the rivals if you have no strategies. Hence, try to plan some in advance then use them during the course of the match. Do your best to survive for a long enough time to become the best Bomberman and rule the arena!

How to Play:

Control the movement of your character using arrow keys. Use key Quotes to display the scoreboard and use key Esc to get back to select room menu. Comments