About is a great 3D MMO shooter game which is about an intense combat taking place in an abandoned area. In the new story, you will start off with a pixel soldier. You will be thrown into the midst of a battle that you are forced to conquer it by staying alive as long as possible. Moreover, you should seize the opportunity to compete with other people in order to dominate the leaderboard.

It is best to figure out the most appropriate strategies during the combat of They will help you defeat your rivals on the battleground and bring you a higher rank for a short time. Aside from that, do not forget to make use of your own shooting ability. Actually, you can collect headshots once you aim and fire accurately. Note that the ammo is not unlimited. And, you need to reload frequently or you can get troubles in an instant, especially when there is somebody nearby. When you eliminate targets, remember to watch the cool animations on the screen. Besides, your points will be increased. It means that you have already surpassed some persons.

In game, there are five different types of characters. Furthermore, you will join Free For All or Team Deathmatch at random. In other words, you cannot select the room that you want to explore by yourself. However, the mission is not dissimilar. Try to survive and finish off the most antagonists! It is quite easy to move, jump, shoot, and even spray paint on walls or on the opponents. That is an additional item which will make the challenge more exciting. is a web browser game that has appeared in beta. Many updates will be released. Hope you follow and catch up with the latest announcements!

Features game promises to offer a lot of fun moments to players. You can find out the causes that your journey becomes interesting here.

  • Indeed, there are more 5 characters you can navigate.
  • Not only that, you are able to launch the paint instead of using the gun.
  • io game has a fast-paced gameplay.
  • In addition to that, you can experience smooth controls.


There are some important keys that are often used to determine the behavior or movement of you in game. Here is the way that you will discover the map.

  • Press WASD to roam around the playfield.
  • Hit the Left mouse button to shoot.
  • Do not ignore reloading with R key!
  • Tap Spacebar to jump over obstacles on the path.
  • Hit Shift to crouch and F to spray paint.